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Four Super-Stimulating Date Ideas for Introverts

Sometimes, the most effective way to break yourself out of a bad habit is to dive into another one. Introversion is a lifestyle and personality trait that often doubles as a coping mechanism, but you can free yourself from it if you feel like accepting a challenge. For example, you can have your partner take you on some of the most extroverted dates ever. These are a few examples:

The Front Row at a Comedy Show

Comedy shows are fantastic events to attend if you need a few laughs. But you must sit in the front to get an actual "therapeutic effect" from them. The idea is to expose yourself to pre-show heckling.

You'll be the first person the comedian sees when boarding the stage, and he'll likely hit you with a diss joke. You might think, "That's not funny, and why should I put myself out there like that?" Well, exposure is the answer. You'll do it to get used to being "picked on," and you'll learn how to let other people's words roll off your back.

Here's the logic: The comedian doesn't know you, so he can't dislike or hate you. However, he has to improvise to get laughs from the crowd, and he might use you because you're easily accessible.

You can think of other situations similarly. Not all people pick on you because they hate you. Sometimes, they're just "improvising" because they don't know how to get self-esteem any other way.

A Crowded Hip-Hop Nightclub

A popular hip-hop nightclub is one of the busiest places to visit, especially on the weekend. Consider traveling to one with your mate to get a feel for huge crowds. You can have your partner take you home if your surroundings drain you, but you might enjoy yourself instead. Have a drink or two and find out.

The Mosh Pit at a Rock Concert

Buying two tickets to an almost-sold-out rock concert is another idea for exposure therapy. The mosh pit doesn't have seats or assignments. Instead, you'll stand nose-to-nose with hundreds of other people who will sweat, head-bang, and scream as the guitarist gives an electrifying performance. It's the perfect prescription if you're not a "people person" because you'll force yourself to heal from it rapidly.

Karaoke Night Anywhere

You can use a karaoke event to deal with your performance anxiety and ease your way into live shows if you're an artist. There won't be any pressure to remember your lyrics, and half the participants will be drunk and sound just as horrible as you do. Additionally, you and your mate will have a blast. Karaoke events offer an expansive library of music, so you might get to sing some of your all-time favorites.

You can try any of the bold date ideas above if you're feeling adventurous enough to challenge yourself. Try the one that strikes you as exciting and see how it goes. It won't hurt you, but it might make you stronger, and you'll have a superb experience to write about in your journal.

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