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Night Life Cabo San Lucas

Activities and Night Life in Cabo San Lucas

Planning a trip to Cabo? Great choice! It’s full of excitement from sun up to sundown, which can provide you with an incredible adventure and plenty of stories to tell. While we can’t quite pack in everything this destination has to offer, the following are just a few things you shouldn’t miss.

Daytime Activities

Cabo is home to some beautiful beaches that let you relax and soak up the sun during the day. Surfing and sports fishing are popular water activities, as are yacht tours, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, and viewing marine life.

If you prefer to stay ashore, you can enjoy our local adventure parks, horseback or camel rides on the beach, ziplining, and city tours. If ATVs are more your speed, Cabo has you covered there, too.


If you’re looking for ways to appease your taste buds, Cabo is certainly the way to go. You can always choose to dine in at one of the many available restaurants, but there’s no need to limit yourself.

You can find culinary walking tours and “Eat Like a Local” tours that give you an amazing and authentic firsthand taste of decadence. You can attend an authentic Mexican cooking class to wow your friends back at home. There are also seafood tours, dinner yachts, and so much more to experience. All of these are good ways to fuel up for a night of partying in Los Cabos.


When the sun begins to sink down, a whole new side of Cabo comes to life. It’s one full of music, alcohol, lights, and an atmosphere full of energy. At Crush Nightspot, we are known as the #1 hip-hop spot in the area. After a day in the sun and a delicious feast, come join us for a night of partying in Cabo that you’re not likely to forget.

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